The upcoming weekly introduction course will start on the 15th of September 19:00. The final class will be the 20th of October. Classes are taught by head teachers and BJJ black belts Julio & Fernando and judo black belt Joris. You can join in a shirt and shorts (the traditional gi/kimono is not required, but wear it if you like!)

Location: Pretoriusstraat 2h (Akhi gym basement)


In every class, a different topic will be covered:

1: Escapes - How to stay calm under pressure and get out of bad positions?

2: Guard - How to maintain distance to your opponent and get on top?

3: Passing the Guard - When on top, how do we increase control over our opponent to get a more dominating position?

4: Takedowns - How do we take the fight to the ground?

5: Submissions - Chokes, armbars and leglocks!

6: Round up! - This class will be used to review and repeat techniques of the past weeks to make sure you remember everything.

A.G.A. Introduction Course

€ 240,00 Regular Price
€ 180,00Sale Price