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Personal Training

The A.G.A. teachers are available for Personal Training. All teachers have over 10 years experience in teaching and can offer you unique specialties to improve your skills as a martial artist. Below you will find all relevant information to book a personal training session with one of the trainers.


Julio Vinke

- Fundamentals of Jiujitsu: Escapes, Pins, Sweeps, Guard
- Guard recovery and half guard game
- Specialized in Gi Half Guard. 
- Competition strategies

- Personalized study schedule to improve your martial arts game


Fernando ARce

- Basic and Advanced BJJ, Gi and No-Gi, applicable to MMA

- Submission threat in any position

- Wrist- and leg locks

- Pressure Passing

- Competition mindset


Joris Rookhuijzen

- Judo and wrestling takedowns, Gi and No-Gi

- Dynamic Guard Passing

- No-Gi leg locks

- Grappling for MMA

- Strength & Conditioning for martial arts